Who we are

We are two fellows, with ordinary jobs and are motorcycle enthusiasts. Petter Munkerud, who is trained as a nurse, and Odd Godal, who is an economist. Besides football and beer, we have developed an interest over the years in being on two wheels on the road. We have been riding mostly in Europe, but with regular jobs, we didn’t have time to reach remote destinations on our own bikes. And in several places we wanted to go, there was no renting available. Thus, the idea of starting Beamers & Bulls was born. Our philosophy is to provide a product that we would like to make use of ourselves. The bikes should be well equipped and superbly working. We prefer to use our own gear, and do not want a complete package with a prespecified schedule, hotel bookings, and what have you. Yet, it’s good with recommendations for scenic routes, good accommodation, and other tips, from local expertise.

This is who we are, and what we like. We hope that people with similar preferences will enjoy their ride with Beamers & Bulls.

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